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Cellphone Tracking Means They Can Hear You Now

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 11:00
Suitcase-size systems mimic cellphone towers and follow your every move.

Are Millennials Far Left on Economics? No.

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 09:00
Their increased social liberalism has not gone in lock step with hostility to free markets.

This Is Your Brain on Drugs. Maybe.

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 08:30
Colorado's new anti-pot ads exaggerate the threat that marijuana poses to teenagers.

Ferguson Shows Blacks Live in a Different America

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 06:00
Black Americans still live in a country with different rules, different dangers, and different rewards.

Return of the Anti-War Right

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 11:00
Sen. Rand Paul is among those insisting on a less aggressive approach to foreign policy.

Pregnancy Crimes

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 09:30
Illegal birth defects

What Liberty in America Looked Like During World War 1

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 07:30
Horrible. It looked horrible.

Google Dark

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 13:00
In April an anonymous individual launched a search engine called Grams that caters to contraband needs.

Rise of the 'Unholy Alliance' of Libertarians and Leftists

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 11:00
How libertarians and leftists are changing American politics, from foreign policy to Ferguson.

Digital Lineups

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 09:30
The FBI plans to stick the mugs of almost 1 in 6 Americans into a facial recognition database by next year.

Make Lunch, Not War

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 07:00
Are one in four Americans really too fat to fight? The figure appears to be inflated.

Ferguson Protesters React to Michael Brown Robbery Footage

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 21:36

This morning, Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson revealed security footage showing that Michael Brown, the 18-year-old shot and killed by police officers in Ferguson, MO, may have committed a “strong arm” robbery against a convenience store owner. The chief later acknowledged that the officer who shot Brown was not aware of the robbery at the time of the incident.

Reason TV talked with protesters in front of a burned-out QuikTrip that looters destroyed earlier this week. Most saw little reason that the new information should dampen their outrage towards the police, and some even justified the destruction of private property as necessary and effective in garnering attention for their cause.

Watch the full video above, and check out Reason TV’s coverage of the previous night’s protests here. Approximately 2:30 minutes. Produced by Zach Weissmueller and Paul Detrick. Music by Chris Zabriskie. Subscribe to Reason TV’s YouTUbe channel for more content like this.

A 'Voter Redistricting Czar'? How About Not.

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 11:00
A California Democrat is cooking up something very un-democratic.

Frank: Radiant Music and Madness. The Giver: Unnecessary Helping of Teen Dys-dopia.

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 08:00
Michael Fassbender gets a big head, and Jeff Bridges mutters through yet another post-apocalyptic franchise attempt.

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot": Ferguson, Police Militarization, and the Culture of Harassment

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 02:38

On August 13, 2014, Ferguson Police Department (FPD) and St. Charles County Sheriff's Department (SCCSD) dressed in riot gear fired rubber bullets and tear gas at Ferguson residents protesting the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. An officer from the Ferguson Police Department allegedly shot Brown to death on August 9.

But by the night of August 14, things looked very different in this small Missouri suburb after the governor took security duties out of the hands of FPD and SCCSD and handed it over to the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP).

"We are going to have a different approach and have the approach that we’re in this together," said Capt. Ronald S. Johnson of MSHP at a press conference. Johnson walked with protesters and posed for pictures with them later in the day.

While the atmosphere was free of a militarized police presence, and the mood of protesters was borderline celebratory, the resentment towards the Ferguson Police Department was palpbable.

Protesters told Reason TV that Brown's death was in line with a pattern of harrasment from police in the St. Louis area, ranging from excessive tickets and fines to overly aggressive officers. Many also said that the show of quasi-military force in response to the protest may have damaged the relationship between the people and the police beyond repair.

"We are not at war here. This looked like the demilitarized zone," says protester Earling McAllister Thomas.

Watch the video above. Appoximately 3 minutes. Produced by Zach Weissmueller and Paul Detrick.

Scroll down for downloadable versions, and subscribe to Reason TV's YouTube channel for more content like this.

Australian Sen. David Leyonhjelm Crafts a ‘Libertarian Moment’ Down Under

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:31
The country’s first libertarian federal legislator takes his seat