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Conservatives in Arizona town hit new low in horrible human behavior

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 18:37
Arizona state flag We're also going to be confiscating your star. No star for you. Jeebus, people. Just ... Jeebus.
Protesters carrying "Return to Sender" and "Go home non-Yankees" signs faced off with immigrant rights activists Tuesday in a small Arizona town after a sheriff said a bus filled with Central American children was on its way. [...]

Anger has been spreading in the town of Oracle since Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu warned residents last week that immigrant children from Central America caught crossing the border illegally would be placed at the Sycamore Canyon Academy in Oracle. Protesters were hoping to mirror demonstrations in Murrieta, California, when immigrants were taken there recently.

"We are not going to tolerate illegals forced upon us," protester Loren Woods said.

The bus filled with refugee children never appeared, possibly because Sheriff Paul Babeu was making shit up. But the crowd remained at the ready:
At one point, several buses approached the protesters, driving east. The crowd started to confront the buses but the protesters were told the buses were carrying kids from the YMCA.

"How do we know it's the YMCA?" a few protesters shouted, but the buses were allowed to continue east on the highway.

You do realize you're monsters, right? Horrific human beings? Empty, soulless shells with tan lines? Forget amnesty for the refugee kids, it's time to work out a straight one-to-one trade. America gets those kids on that bus, if it ever comes, and Guatemala gets you. You'll love it there, it's got lots and lots of guns.

In appearance with father, Liz Cheney accuses Democrats of 'paternalistic' attitude toward women

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 17:50
U.S. Vice president Dick Cheney (L) takes the oath for his second term in office from House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R) at inaugural ceremonies in Washington D.C. on January 20, 2005. Cheney's daughters Mary (2nd L) and Liz (2nd R) watched. REUTERS/Jason R For her next trick, Liz will author a book on positive sibling relationships In case you were hoping that the Cheneys would give up on their rehab tour, I bring bad news: It will never end. The latest: Dick, Lynne, and Liz Cheney at a Politico event, interviewed by gossip columnist Mike Allen. The New York Times captures the scene:
Most of the questions during the hourlong interview on Monday were directed at Mr. Cheney, and his daughter rarely stepped in, glancing at her father or the standing-room-only crowd and jumping in only once or twice to make a point. And in between lectures from her father, what was the most pointed of Liz's points?
“The idea that you’re going to say to a woman, ‘Let me talk to you about some woman’s issues, and you must feel this way about this issue or that way about that issue because you’re a woman.’ ” Ms. Cheney said. “As a woman, I find that really offensive. I think it’s really paternalistic, and I think it’s not going to serve Democrats well in the long run.” Yeah, you tell 'em Liz! And if there's anybody in a better position to push back on the father-knows-best paternalism of today's Democratic Party, it's you! Especially when you're making a joint appearance with your dad, a joint appearance in which you say almost nothing ... except to attack Democrats for begin paternalistic.

Cartoon: Die Mannschaft

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 16:50

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