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Trump sure to exploit Clinton scandals that Sanders ignored

10 hours 35 min ago
Washington Times, by Ben Wolfgang Posted By: Dreadnought- Mon, 02 03 2016 03:03:41 GMT Hillary Clinton so far has been able to skate through the Democratic presidential primary without having to truly confront what ultimately may be her biggest hurdles to the White House: numerous scandals and controversies that have taken a back seat in her tooth'and'nail fight with Sen. Bernard Sanders. Mr. Sanders decided early in the race to virtually ignore his opponent’s still'unfolding State Department email scandal, foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and other politically treacherous issues that could spell trouble for the former first lady as she heads toward a November showdown with the Republican nominee. What Mr. Sanders was

Socialism fails in Venezuela, again

10 hours 35 min ago
Tyler Morning Herald [TX], by Editorial Posted By: PageTurner- Mon, 02 15 2016 02:15:21 GMT Socialism is enjoying a real surge in popularity ' everywhere except in places it’s actually practiced. Even Newsweek commented on this recently, when it considered why Sen. Bernie Sanders has so much support among younger voters. “So why are he and his brand of out'and'proud socialism suddenly looking so viable?” Newsweek asks. “His groundswell of support from younger voters perhaps shows that more of them view socialism favorably than view it unfavorably. But his success reflects something deeper. A substantial proportion of voters across the political spectrum, and not just younger ones, believe that the status quo is not working for

We ignore Venezuela’s imminent implosion at our peril

10 hours 57 min ago
Washington Post, by Jackson Diehl Posted By: PageTurner- Mon, 02 11 2016 02:11:14 GMT The encouraging news from Latin America is that the leftist populists who for 15 years undermined the region’s democratic institutions and wrecked its economies are being pushed out — not by coups and juntas, but by democratic and constitutional means. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina is already gone, vanquished in a presidential election, and Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff is likely to be impeached in the coming days. The tipping point is the place where the movement began in the late 1990s: Venezuela, a country of 30 million that despite holding the world’s largest oil reserves has descended into a dystopia where

The Media Corruption that Helped Spawn The Donald

10 hours 57 min ago
PJ Media, by Andrew Klavan Posted By: Hazymac- Mon, 02 01 2016 02:01:22 GMT Many of the Republican candidates defeated by Donald Trump — and Ted Cruz, who is fighting a last'ditch battle against him — have complained that the news media created the Trump candidacy with (Cruz´s words) "hundreds of millions of dollars of free advertising." That seems to me half true. The news media did give the odious Donald a boost, but they did it by spewing such a ceaseless fume of left'wing lies that Trump´s simplistic nonsense, by comparison, sounds like "telling it like it is." The charge that the news media is biased toward Democrats is an old one, but only

´We want out of this agony´: What it´s like to eat in a country that´s on the verge of collapse

10 hours 57 min ago
Business Insider, by Christopher Woody Posted By: PageTurner- Mon, 02 51 2016 01:51:06 GMT Despite breathless coverage of Venezuela´s vanishing supply of condoms, toilet paper, and beer, perhaps the country´s most debilitating shortage has been that of food, which appears to be a motivating factor for growing anti'government sentiment. "I want the recall because I don´t have food," one woman told Venezuelan commentary site Contrapunto, referring to a referendum to recall President Nicolas Maduro that has so far reportedly drawn more than a million signatures in support. "We want out of this agony, there is too much need in the streets," another woman told Contrapunto. "We have much pressure because there is no food and every

Darth Vader: I Am ‘Persona Non Grata’

10 hours 57 min ago
Daily Beast, by Jen Yamato Posted By: NorthernDog- Mon, 02 46 2016 01:46:06 GMT Forty years ago on a soundstage just across the pond, British actor David Prowse donned a shiny black helmet and became the most iconic movie villain in history—until Star Wars director George Lucas overdubbed his performance as Darth Vader with the dulcet, booming voice of James Earl Jones. Prowse, now 80 years old, still hasn’t gotten over the snub that simultaneously made his career. But there’s a bigger disturbance between the O.G. Vader and the architect of the Star Wars universe. In the new documentary Elstree 1976—about the hopes, dreams, and rather mundane real lives of the supporting actors and

Breaking News... Midtown Manhattan cathedral engulfed in flames: Hundred'and'sixty'year' old Orthodox Christian church is consumed by huge blaze

11 hours 18 min ago
Daily Mail (UK), by Chris Pleasance Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 02 24 2016 01:24:56 GMT A 160'year'old Orthodox Christian cathedral in New York has been completely destroyed after a huge fire tore through it on Sunday. The blaze broke out at the Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava on 25th Street in Manhattan´s Flatiron district at around 7pm. It is not known how the fire started, but Orthodox Easter celebrations were held in the building earlier in the day, including a lunch at 1pm, according to the church´s website. An FDNY spokesman said that nobody was believed to be inside the building at the time the fire broke out. (Photos) The extent of the damage is

Michelle Obama Goes for the Gold at Final White House Correspondents´ Dinner as First Lady

11 hours 18 min ago
People, by Adam Carlson Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 02 12 2016 01:12:58 GMT Michelle Obama looked stunning in a shimmering gold Givenchy Haute Couture dress at her final appearance as First Lady at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C. (Photo) She appeared alongside some of the country’s political elites, some of the nation’s largest media companies, and some of its brightest stars at the WHCD, which is affectionately known as “nerd prom.” Elsewhere on the guest list, Kendall Jenner brought out her runway'ready glamour while the Scandal stars got a real'life look at the world they’ve been recreating on TV. This year’s WHCD was also Obama’s last. Her lauded signature

It’s Not Resignation; It’s Fear

11 hours 18 min ago
Commentary, by Noah Rothman Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 02 26 2016 12:26:29 GMT Finally, after nearly a week of public pressure on Indiana Governor Mike Pence to publicly endorse Ted Cruz ahead of his state’s critical primary, the Hoosier State governor appeared to buckle under. (Snip)Fear of the Trump voting Republican masses compelled GOP officeholders, including Ted Cruz, to be cautious about criticizing the candidate throughout the course of the campaign. Perhaps a few assumed that they could harness the energy and enthusiasm that the celebrity candidate was generating when he inevitably imploded, but that implosion never materialized. Now, that fear of Trump among conservatives who share few of Trump’s beliefs or convictions

How GOP bigwigs made their peace with Trump

11 hours 18 min ago
Washington Examiner, by Byron York Posted By: earlybird- Sun, 01 03 2016 11:03:55 GMT The GOP politicos carefully count delegates — some the old'fashioned way, on a legal pad, instead of using the various delegate calculators on the web — and now believe Trump will win at least the 1,237 required to clinch the Republican nomination on the first ballot. Most began to feel that way after Trump won New York with 60.5 percent of the vote, not only stopping the momentum Cruz had gained by winning Wisconsin but also punching a hole in the idea of a Trump "ceiling." "They are recognizing that the voters are speaking," said one GOP veteran of his establishment

Donald Trump Leads Cruz by 15 Points in Crucial Indiana Race

11 hours 18 min ago
NBC News, by Mark Murray Posted By: earlybird- Sun, 01 00 2016 11:00:09 GMT Donald Trump holds a 15'point lead over Ted Cruz in the potentially decisive May 3 presidential primary race in Indiana, according to results from a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll. Trump gets support from 49 percent of likely Republican primary voters — followed by Cruz at 34 percent and John Kasich at 13 percent. If that margin in Indiana holds on Tuesday, Trump would be on a glide path towards obtaining the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the Republican nomination on a first ballot at the GOP convention in July. (Snip) "In Indiana, Trump is positioned to corral

Bodies of renowned American mountain climber and his cameraman are found in melting glacier ' 16 years after they were buried in a Himalayan avalanche

11 hours 39 min ago
Daily Mail (UK) & Associated Press, by Clemence Michallon & Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 00 2016 11:00:03 GMT The bodies of a renowned mountain climber and cameraman have been found in a glacier, 16 years after they were buried in a Himalayan avalanche. Alex Lowe, 40, and David Bridges, 29, were swept to their death in October 1999 while a third climber, Conrad Anker, survived. Lowes´s widow said in a statement Friday that two climbers attempting to ascend the 26,291'foot Shishapangma in Tibet discovered the remains of two people partially melting out of a glacier. The climbers, David Goettler, from Germany, and Ueli Steck, from Switzerland, described the clothing and backpacks seen on the bodies to Anker, who

Donald Trump Says He´s ‘Wasting Time´ on Republican Rivals

11 hours 39 min ago
NBC News, by Ali Vitali Posted By: earlybird- Sun, 01 56 2016 10:56:39 GMT TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Donald Trump wants the primaries to be over already. Not just so he can assume the official title of Republican presidential nominee, but so he can start fundraising for the GOP and its down'ballot races. "It´s really important that we win because, if we win, you know, we want to raise money for the party," Trump said at a rally Sunday. "We want to do — raise money for the senate races and for the congressional races and do a lot of things." This from a candidate who has made "self'funding" a key tenet of his campaign and who

Cruz campaign in overdrive in desperate bid to wrestle Indiana from Trump

11 hours 39 min ago
Washington Post, by Sean Sullivan Posted By: earlybird- Sun, 01 51 2016 10:51:37 GMT INDIANAPOLIS — Inside Ted Cruz’s second'floor campaign office here on a recent afternoon, there were telltale signs of an operation in overdrive: dozens of volunteers calling voters and refueling with Mountain Dew, coffee and snacks; staffers busily working on laptops; and an ambitious message on a dry'erase board: “Our Goal Today = 20,000 Calls.” But there were also indications of trouble. Volunteers said they were hearing misgivings from voters — many rooted in insults that front'runner Donald Trump had hurled at Cruz.Most people who express reservations, explained Megan Kerr, 17, of Fishers, Ind., “are concerned with the nickname he’s been

Yahoo´s Marissa Mayer gets $55M to leave

11 hours 39 min ago
USA Today, by Matt Krantz Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 46 2016 10:46:29 GMT Yahoo (YHOO) just disclosed the size of its executive pay packages and Marissa Mayer stands to make millions coming or going. The CEO of the embattled online news site, currently trying to sell itself, is entitled to severance benefits valued at $54.9 million in case she is terminated without cause, according to a regulatory filing after the market closed Friday. The potential payout would also be triggered by a "change of control," which includes the sale of the company, according to the filing. Mayer´s potential payout includes cash severance of $3 million, $26,324 to continue her health benefits, $15,000 for

Cruz Delegates Waver as Trump Gains Momentum

12 hours 1 min ago
National Review, by Brendan Bordelon Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 30 2016 10:30:46 GMT Down in the polls and with zero margin for error heading into Tuesday’s crucial Indiana primary, Ted Cruz could be forgiven for seeing a silver lining in his apparent strength with unbound Republican delegates. Until Donald Trump’s romp through the Northeast last Tuesday abruptly changed the subject, the political world was captivated — and Trump supporters were infuriated — by the Cruz campaign’s successful effort to elect large blocs of friendly delegates at a series of state'party conventions. But friendly delegates are as subject to shifts in the race’s momentum as anyone else, and Cruz’s strength with some of these

Kentucky Confederate monument to be removed after 120 years

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 00:53
Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 26 2016 10:26:34 GMT LOUISVILLE, Ky. –A Confederate monument will be removed from a spot near the University of Louisville campus where it has stood since 1895. The stone monument honoring Kentuckians who died for the Confederacy in the Civil War will be moved to another location, University President James Ramsey and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said during a surprise announcement Friday. The monument is capped with a statue of a Confederate soldier. "It´s time for us to move this monument to a more appropriate place," Ramsey said while standing in front of the stone memorial, which sits next to the university´s gleaming Speed

Why Secrecy Could Kill President Obama’s Big Trade Deal With Europe

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 00:53
Time, by Simon Shuster Posted By: StormCnter- Sun, 01 25 2016 10:25:25 GMT One afternoon in early February, Katja Kipping, a left'wing member of the German parliament, finally got a chance to see the free'trade deal that the U.S. and European Union hope to finish by the end of this year. There were just a few preconditions. She would only get two hours to skim through the complex legal document, which is hundreds of pages long. She would have to surrender her jacket, purse, phone and other electronics before entering the sealed'off reading room at the German Economy Ministry. A guard would watch over Kipping the entire time. And she would not be

Trump Said to Lack Plan for Fundraising, Running Mate Vetting

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 00:53
Bloomberg, by Jennifer Jacobs & Jason Cirilli Posted By: StormCnter- Sun, 01 56 2016 09:56:42 GMT On the cusp of the Republican nomination, Donald Trump has no blueprint for raising the estimated $1 billion he´d need to take on the Democrats and no process in place to begin vetting vice presidential contenders, according to multiple people familiar with the campaign. He says he has no plan to win a contested convention in Cleveland, confident he can succeed on the first ballot. And one month into the leadership of Paul Manafort, the strategist Trump hired in late March to professionalize his campaign, the internal squabbling hasn’t died down. The lack of long'term planning highlights one of the

Reid ´fairly certain´ Democrats will win Senate

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 00:31
The Hill (DC), by Harper Neidig Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 21 2016 08:21:18 GMT Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D'Nev.) said on Sunday that he thinks his party will win back the majority in the Senate this year. During a radio interview with John Catsimatidis, Reid detailed the Democratic efforts against several vulnerable GOP senators up for reelection this year. “We only need four [seats] to take the majority,” he said. “With the numbers I’ve given you, it’s going to be a fairly certain thing that we can do that.” Reid predicted earlier in the interview the Democrats would win, or at least compete for, Senate seats in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida,