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India town council orders two girls raped as punishment for brother´s elopement

13 hours 7 min ago
PJ Media, by Rick Moran Posted By: Hazymac- Sun, 30 43 2015 02:43:41 GMT India, the largest democratic country in the world, is on the cusp of becoming a modern economic juggernaut. But in many ways, it´s still mired in the past, as is demonstrated by this outrageous action taken by a town council. "Meenakshi Kuwari, 23, and her 15'year'old sister, have been forced to flee their home after villagers ordered that they should be stripped naked and paraded with their faces blackened before being raped to atone for their brother’s crime. The case is just the latest high'profile incident of rape being used as a punishment by unelected village leaders or councils in rural India. Similar cases

Man charged with murder in shooting of Houston area deputy

13 hours 24 min ago
Associated Press, by Juan A. Lozano Posted By: Hazymac- Sun, 30 56 2015 01:56:09 GMT HOUSTON '' Prosecutors on Saturday charged a 30'year'old man with capital murder in the killing of a sheriff´s deputy who was gunned down from behind while filling up his patrol car at a suburban Houston gas station. Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman identified the man as Shannon J. Miles, who had a previous record including charges of resisting arrest and trespassing. He is charged with killing Darren Goforth, 47, a 10'year veteran of the force. "I am proud of the men and women that have worked swiftly to apprehend the responsible person who posed a significant threat to both law enforcement and

Biden faces hurdles as he weighs late 2016 bid

13 hours 24 min ago
CNN, by Kevin Liptak Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Sun, 30 55 2015 01:55:43 GMT Washington - As Vice President Joe Biden continues to contemplate a late entry into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, he faces obstacles toward arriving at yes '' not least of which is his own emotional state three months after his son´s death. After a week of meetings with key Democrats '' including influential Sen. Elizabeth Warren and labor leader Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO '' Biden on Friday didn´t appear any closer to making a decision, which advisers still expect is weeks away. He´ll have more chances to consult members of his party next week, when he heads south to rally support behind the

“Bing Bing” – Perv – “Bong Bong” Sleazebag…

13 hours 41 min ago
Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 30 35 2015 03:35:26 GMT This is way beyond priceless, seriously. Even entrenched die-hard democrats will admit this regular speak and delivery is funny. Often good natured humor can be used as a weapon (Ronald Reagan was the absolute master of that), and in this instance Trump hits it right out of the ballpark. Funny stuff: (Video) This approach will do more damage to Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate than a thousand congressional investigations. Candidate Trump knows that too. Trump frames the discussion in such a manner that it creates a situation where Clinton allies don’t want to try and defend the indefensible.

ISIS detains dozens in Iraqi town after rare street protest

14 hours 1 sec ago
Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Sun, 30 51 2015 01:51:38 GMT Baghdad ' Islamic State militants moved on Saturday to stamp out dissent in a remote western Iraqi town, detaining at least 70 and tying dozens of residents, including tribal leaders, to streetlight poles as a punishment, security officials said. The crackdown followed a rare street demonstration on Saturday to protest the extremist group´s execution of a local resident, they said. The protest by hundreds of residents in Rutbah, in Anbar province, was triggered by the execution earlier on Saturday of Munir al'Kobeisi, a civil servant, for killing an IS member. The killing was part of a long'running blood feud between two

Egypt sentences Al-Jazeera journalists to 3 years prison

14 hours 1 sec ago
Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Sun, 30 45 2015 01:45:57 GMT Cairo - An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced three Al-Jazeera English journalists to three years in prison, the latest twist in a long-running trial criticized worldwide by press freedom advocates and human rights activists. The case against Canadian national Mohammed Fahmy, Australian journalist Peter Greste and Egyptian producer Baher Mohammed embroiled their journalism into the wider conflict between Egypt and Qatar following the 2013 military ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. It wasn’t immediately clear how the sentence would affect the three men, although lawyers said they would be asking for

Sales of unearthed Atari games total more than $100,000

14 hours 18 min ago
Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Sun, 30 37 2015 01:37:36 GMT Alamogordo, NM - A cache of Atari game cartridges dug up in a New Mexico landfill last year has generated more than $100,000 in sales over the last several months. The April 2014 dig ended speculation surrounding an urban legend that Atari had discarded hundreds of games, including "E.T. The Extraterrestrial," more than 30 years ago, reported The Alamogordo Daily News. A film crew documented Joe Lewandowski as he dug up the Atari cartridges. In addition to the "E.T. The Extraterrestrial" cartridges, Lewandowski found more than 60 other titles. Those included Asteroids, Missile Command, Warlords, Defender,

Dawn patrols and downtime in America´s ugliest war: One veterans forgotten photos of Vietnam unveiled after 47 years, showing troops unaware of protests at home ' and the many who never made it back

14 hours 53 min ago
Daily Mail [UK], by Kieran Corcoran Posted By: happywarrior- Sat, 29 21 2015 11:21:26 GMT These candid images show life on the front lines of the Vietnam war through the eyes of a young soldier, who rediscovered the collection decades after the conflict ended. In the images by former artillery officer Christopher Gaynor, helicopters swoop down in high'risk troop deployments, convoys rumble through the booby'trapped countryside and infantrymen make tense dawn patrols. Gaynor, now 70, spent more than a year in Vietnam between 1967 and 1968, taking photographs as he went. As well as showing scenes of battle'ready soldiers and equipment, he also showed his war buddies in their down time. Images, which Gaynor shares

Suspect arrested in shooting death of Texas sheriff’s deputy

14 hours 53 min ago
CNN, by Faith Karimi* Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 29 43 2015 10:43:39 GMT Authorities in Harris County, Texas, have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting death of Deputy Darren Goforth. Shannon J. Miles is now in custody facing capital murder charges. The suspect shot Goforth, 47, while the deputy was filling up his patrol car at the station just after 8:30 p.m. (9:30 p.m. ET), Hickman said. "Deputy Goforth was refueling his vehicle and returning to his car from inside the convenience store when, unprovoked, a man walked up behind him and literally shot him to death," he said.

What´s the Deal With Trump?

14 hours 53 min ago
Weekly Standard, by Christopher Caldwell Posted By: Judy W.- Sat, 29 38 2015 10:38:48 GMT Dubuque, Iowa Like rap music and The Simpsons, the celebrity real'estate mogul Donald Trump, who burst onto the scene looking like a six'weeks’ fad in the 1980s, still has the look of a six'weeks’ fad 30'some'odd years later. Clearly the doubters’ assumptions need to be reexamined. Straight Outta Compton shows a rising generation enraptured with rap, Bart and Lisa have been on the air longer than Gunsmoke, and the Donald looks like an increasingly plausible candidate for the presidency of the United States. “The polls have been nothing short of tremendous,” Trump told an overflow crowd at a convention center here on

Latest on Houston deputy: Abbott speaks out against shooting

14 hours 53 min ago
Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 29 50 2015 09:50:31 GMT HOUSTON — Here are the latest developments regarding the fatal shooting of a suburban Houston sheriff’s deputy (all times local): 1:25 p.m. Gov. Greg Abbott says “heinous and deliberate crimes against law enforcement will not be tolerated in the State of Texas.” Abbott released a statement Saturday afternoon in response to the death of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth at a suburban Houston gas station. Goforth was in his uniform when a man approached him from behind and fired multiple shots Friday night as the deputy filled up his patrol car. No arrests have been made. The governor says,

Roger Stone Rides Donald Trump’s Well-Tailored Coattails

14 hours 53 min ago
New York Times, by Sridhar Pappu Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Sat, 29 49 2015 09:49:21 GMT Roger J. Stone Jr., a longtime Republican political operative who doesn’t mind playing rough, is back in the spotlight. And that’s how he likes it. Ever since he parted ways with Donald J. Trump, whose presidential campaign he was advising until this month, he has been a much sought-after television guest, having appeared on “Fox & Friends,” “Anderson Cooper 360,” “Morning Joe” and “Today,” among many other programs. “Never miss the opportunity to have sex or be on television, as Gore Vidal said,” Mr. Stone said, sitting in a black leather Corbusier chair in the one-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side

Top Jeb fundraisers leave campaign amid troubling signs

16 hours 19 min ago
Politico, by Alex Isenstadt and Marc Caputo Posted By: ScarletPimpernel- Sat, 29 41 2015 08:41:50 GMT Three top Jeb Bush fundraisers abruptly parted ways with his presidential campaign on Friday, amid internal personality conflicts and questions about the strength of his candidacy, POLITICO has learned. There are different versions of what transpired. The Florida'based fundraising consultants — Kris Money, Trey McCarley, and Debbie Aleksander — have said that they voluntarily quit the campaign and were still working with Bush´s super PAC, Right to Rise Super PAC. Others said the three, who worked under the same contract, were let go because they were no longer needed for the current phase of the campaign. None of the three

Dem Senator: Congress ‘Complicit’ in Gun Murders Like Virginia Shooting

Sun, 08/30/2015 - 00:16
PJ Media, by Bridget Johnson Posted By: Hazymac- Sat, 29 37 2015 08:37:21 GMT Sen. Chris Murphy (D'Conn.) said today that Congress has become “complicit” in murders such as this week’s shooting during a live news shot in Virginia for not passing more gun'control laws. Killer Vester Flanagan, who murdered reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward and wounded Chamber of Commerce official Vicki Gardner near Roanoke, passed a background check to buy two Glock handguns weeks ago. Murphy, who has been lobbying for more gun control since Sandy Hook, told CNN today that he feels this time “change is going to happen.” “It may take a series of elections before we get there, but I think

Customer satisfaction, transform! Nine'year'old boy who was accidentally sold two right shoes by Clarks is staggered to receive a personal apology ' and a hand'drawn picture of Optimus Prime

Sat, 08/29/2015 - 23:07
Daily Mail (UK), by Ollie Gillman Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 29 16 2015 08:16:30 GMT Clarks´ customer service team transformed a nine'year'old´s tears into a smile by sending him a hand'drawn picture of Optimus Prime as an apology for selling him two right shoes. John Hinder, 44, took his son Sam to his local shoe shop in Edinburgh earlier this month and left delighted after picking out a pair of bright green trainers. But when Sam tried to put on the shoes back at home the next day, he was left in tears after discovering he could not wear them they were both for right feet. Scroll down for video ' (Photos) Mr Hinder returned

Man held in killing of Texas sheriff´s deputy

Sat, 08/29/2015 - 23:07
CNN, by Faith Karimi Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Sat, 29 04 2015 08:04:57 GMT A man "believed to be the alleged gunman" in the killing of a uniformed Houston'area sheriff´s deputy was in custody and being questioned Saturday morning, Sgt. William Kennard of the Texas Department of Public Safety told CNN. No charges have been filed against the man, Kennard said. The man´s name wasn´t given. It was the man´s mother who called the Harris County Sheriff´s Department about her son, Kennard said. "All the information she had heard led to him." A red pickup truck was parked at the spot where deputies took the person in custody, according to video shot by CNN affiliate KTRK.

Kerry Appeals to Iran for ‘Humanitarian’ Release of Amir Hekmati on Fourth Anniversary of Imprisonment

Sat, 08/29/2015 - 23:07
PJ Media, by Bridget Johnson Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 29 02 2015 08:02:46 GMT Today marks four years since Iran seized Amir Hekmati and threw the decorated Marine veteran in Evin prison on false espionage charges. Hekmati, born in Flagstaff, Ariz., after his parents left Iran in 1979, had been in a country for a couple of weeks visiting extended family for the first time. On Aug. 29, 2011, Amir called his mother to say he would be wrapping up the trip and coming home soon to Michigan. Amir was due for a holiday gathering that evening. He never showed up. It wasn’t until four months later that the family received confirmation Amir was

Harris Co. Sheriff´s Office to update on deadly shooting of deputy

Sat, 08/29/2015 - 22:48
KTRK 13 (Houston, TX), by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 29 54 2015 07:54:28 GMT HOUSTON 'A person of interest is in custody after the deadly ambush of a Harris County sheriff´s deputy, fatally gunned down without warning Friday night while filling up his patrol car at a northwest Harris County gas station. We´ve learned the person of interest is inside the Harris County Sheriff´s Office in east Houston and continues to be questioned. So far, no one has been charged. Deputy Darren Goforth, 47, had just left an accident scene last night when he stopped by a gas station on Telge and West Road. As he was pumping gas, a man approached him from

Obama Trades Real Security for Spin to Secure His Legacy

Sat, 08/29/2015 - 22:48
National Review Online, by Matthew Continetti Posted By: StormCnter- Sat, 29 09 2015 07:09:24 GMT The anniversary of the U.S. war against the Islamic State passed with little notice. It was August 7 of last year that President Obama authorized the first airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, a campaign he expanded a month later to include targets in Syria. So far this month, the president has delivered remarks on the Voting Rights Act, his deal with Iran, the budget, clean energy, and Hurricane Katrina. ISIS? Not a peep. Obama’s quiet because the war is not going well. Despite the loss of Tikrit earlier this year, the Islamic State’s western boundary is stable, and its eastern

This bored New Yorker is taking his Citi Bike for a ride — to LA

Sat, 08/29/2015 - 22:29
New York Post, by Danielle Furfaro Posted By: StormCnter- Sat, 29 07 2015 07:07:13 GMT A bored Manhattan man seeking a little adventure in his life has decided to ride a Citi Bike to the West Side — of the United States. Jeffrey Tanenhaus, 35, was way past the 45'minute time limit for the trip as he bunked down Friday night in western Pennsylvania, nearly 600 miles into his journey to LA. Tanenhaus, who has already been slapped with the maximum $1,200 late fee by Citi Bike, quit his job as an event planner and checked the bike out from a dock at East 20th Street and Second Avenue on Aug. 6.