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Four Seasons Denies David Goldberg Died On Its Properties –Or Was A Guest At All

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 17:04
Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: SoCalGal- Tue, 05 41 2015 05:41:53 GMT David Goldberg, the SurveyMonkey CEO who also was Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg’s husband, was exercising at a gym in a Mexican resort when he collapsed before he died Friday, a person close to the family said.(Snip)The official said the family had checked in Thursday to the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, an exclusive resort where rooms start at $500 a night and villas go for up to $5,000 a night. The Four Seasons, however, issued a statement saying the incident did not happen on any of its properties and that David Goldberg was not registered as a guest in any

Geert Wilders: I Won’t Stop Warning the West About Islam

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 16:30
Frontpage, by Matthew Vadum Posted By: Judy W.- Tue, 05 39 2015 05:39:24 GMT After two Muslim lawmakers tried to block world'renowned activist Geert Wilders from entering the country, he defiantly vowed his warnings about the existential threat Islam poses to Western civilization would never cease. “I know one thing,” Wilders told the audience April 29 at a Capitol Hill reception co'sponsored by Reps. Steve King (R'Iowa) and Louie Gohmert (R'Texas). “They are very ineffective because I’m here,” he said to laughter and applause. “It’s really risky to tell the truth about Islam,” said Wilders who has had round'the'clock bodyguards protecting him for more than a decade.

Loretta Lynch, Justice Department officials go to Baltimore

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 16:30
CNN, by Jeremy Diamond Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 05 37 2015 05:37:24 GMT Washington 'Attorney General Loretta Lynch will travel to Baltimore on Tuesday for meetings with city officials, members of Congress, law enforcement officials, as well as faith and community leaders, a Justice Department official told CNN. Also going from the Department of Justice are head of the Civil Rights Division Vanita Gupta, Director Ronald Davis of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and Director Grande Lum of the Community Relations Service. Lynch, who was sworn into her position just over a week ago, has been closely monitoring the unrest in Baltimore that followed the death of 25'year'old Freddie Gray, who suffered

Congress Launches Probe Into White House Data Breaches

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 15:38
Washington Free Beacon, by Adam Kredo Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 05 32 2015 05:32:57 GMT Congress has launched a probe into cyber attacks on White House computer networks that are believed to have exposed personally identifiable information of U.S. citizens and official meetings with ambassadors, according to a letter sent to President Obama by a Senate investigatory committee. Lawmakers are attempting to determine the extent of a recent breach reported to have been committed by Russian hackers in 2014. While the White House initially downplayed the extent of the information accessed by these cyber criminals, investigators say the breach may have been more widespread than previously believed. The White House has revealed few details about the attack,

Records Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal Michelle Obama’s Weekend Ski Trip in February Cost More than $57,000 in Transportation Expenses Alone

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 15:38
Judicial Watch, by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 05 32 2015 05:32:09 GMT (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that Michelle Obama’s weekend trip to Aspen, Colorado, in February cost American taxpayers $57,068.80 in travel expenses alone for the 7.4'hour round'trip flight. While President Obama flew to California to play golf, speak at a cyber'security summit, and headline a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, the First Lady and her daughters spent Valentine’s Day weekend skiing in Aspen, returning to the White House on February 16. Judicial Watch obtained the Air Force records in response to a February

Hillary Clinton Takes Hit In WSJ Poll, Goes 24 Days Without Talking To Media

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 15:38
Breitbart Big Government, by Alex Swoyer Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 05 26 2015 05:26:17 GMT The fact that Hillary Clinton – the likely Democratic presidential nominee – hasn’t addressed the controversy over her private email server and the fundraising controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation in an interview or with the public seems to be causing the former Secretary of State to take a hit in the polls. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll finds that although Democrat support for Clinton remains strong, the percentage of people who view Clinton negatively has increased six percent since last month’s poll, as controversies swirl around the former First Lady. Last month, roughly 36 percent of individuals surveyed said

Ferguson Looter Is Murdered in North St. Louis (VIDEO)

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 15:38
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 05 15 2015 05:15:11 GMT Ferguson looter Korie Hodges was murdered this week in a North St. Louis apartment. Hodges was arrested for looting a Ferguson Walgreens on November 25, 2014. (Video) KMOV reported: A St. Louis woman who was murdered Thursday in North City was facing charges for looting the night of the grand jury decision in Ferguson. Korie Hodges, 25, and Keerica Bolden, 22, were found dead of gunshot wounds in a duplex in the 4800 block of Natural Bridge before 6:45 a.m. on April 30. According to police, Hodges was facing second'degree burglary charges for allegedly taking multiple items from a Walgreens

Obama urges deeper look at race, hints at his future

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 15:38
Agence France'Presse, by Andrew Beatty Posted By: NorthernDog- Tue, 05 58 2015 04:58:10 GMT Washington ' President Barack Obama on Monday urged Americans to address the root causes of recent racially'tinged unrest, focusing not just on police actions but improving opportunities for young black men. As police again mobilized on the streets of Baltimore to calm tempers after a false report of a man shot by officers, Obama weighed in on anger over police treatment of blacks that has prompted protests from New York to Ferguson. Demanding more than stop'gap measures and a familiar cycle of waxing and waning public interest, Obama said protests were fuelled not just by police mistreatment, but a festering

Kerry Becomes First Secretary of State to Visit Somalia, Doesn’t Leave Airport

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 15:38
PJ Media, by Bridget Johnson Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 05 57 2015 04:57:30 GMT John Kerry today became the first secretary of State to touch down in Somalia. Kerry made the trip from neighboring Kenya, where took selfies with baby elephants at an orphanage and laid a wreath at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi in honor of the 1998 terror attack victims. In a statement, spokeswoman Marie Harf said Kerry landed in Mogadishu today “to reinforce the United States commitment to supporting Somalia’s ongoing transition to a peaceful democracy.” “In his meetings with federal and regional government officials, he will discuss security cooperation and Somalia’s progress towards meeting its reform and development benchmarks in

Clinton To Endorse Path To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 15:04
Breitbart Big Government, by Caroline May Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 05 52 2015 04:52:19 GMT Hillary Clinton will endorse a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants during a campaign stop at a Nevada high school Tuesday, according to reports. Politico’s Playbook reports that during a roundtable at the majority Hispanic Rancho High School, Clinton is expected to call for a comprehensive immigration reform plan that includes “nothing less than a full and equal path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants. Clinton will reportedly add that anything less than a path to full citizenship for illegal immigrants would be “merely a ‘second'class’ status.” Playbook quotes a Clinton official: Clinton will talk about her commitment to fixing our

I support free speech, but, however, and except...

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 14:46
American Thinker, by Carol Brown Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 05 49 2015 04:49:31 GMT After Pamela Geller’s free speech event in Texas and the terror attack that followed, it has been stunning to hear one journalist after another ask Ms. Geller why she held the event, question the wisdom or need for such an event, and go so far as to insinuate that she was somehow to blame for the violence. Just as the media’s coverage of the war between Israel and Hamas said that of course Israel had a right to defend herself, buuuuuuut…, these same journalists interviewing Ms. Geller start out by saying that of course we support free speech and that

More Pirate Fishing Off the Texas Coast!

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 14:46
Breitbart Big Government, by Rob Milford Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 05 46 2015 04:46:54 GMT In a Saturday story from Breitbart Texas, you read about a tough new bill being pushed by the Texas congressional delegation to combat illegal fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The need for that law was proven again on Friday, as not one, but two Mexican Lanchas were seized in US waters for poaching with illegal long lines and gill nets. The first boat was spotted by a Coast Guard MH'65 Dauphin helicopter at 11:00 A.M., roughly 6 miles into US waters, and 26 miles out from shore. When a 33'foot law enforcement boat from the South Padre Island station arrived,

ISIS Claims Responsibility For First Attack On US Soil

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 13:56
Daily Caller (DC), by Erica Wenig Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 05 44 2015 04:44:55 GMT The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack outside a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas — its first on U.S. soil — and warned of future attacks. Two gunmen opened fire outside the event and wounded a security guard before being shot by police officers Sunday. The suspected assailants were Elton Simpson, 31, and Nadir Soofi, 34, who lived in Phoenix, Arizona, according to Agence France Presse. Though the Islamic state claimed responsibility, authorities maintain that there was little coordination from the militant group. The Islamic State made the announcement on its official radio station Tuesday, reports CNN: “We say

Obama’s Justice Department turned down cop training for Baltimore

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 13:56
Washington Times, by Kelly Riddell Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 05 41 2015 04:41:00 GMT The Obama Justice Department turned down a request five years ago to help the Baltimore Police Department save a training program widely credited for improving the department’s relations with the city’s crime'ridden and minority neighborhoods and reducing homicides and police'involved shootings. The department was seeking $200,000 in federal funding to help extend the Diamond Standard training program. It was discontinued in 2012 when Justice declined to act on the request and the city’s new administration decided it no longer could afford it, according to interviews. The key organizer of the training told The Washington Times that he was floored when

The Texas Terror Connection To Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s Minneapolis District

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 13:20
Breitbart Big Government, by Lee Stranahan Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 05 35 2015 04:35:39 GMT An Islamist radical recruited to Somalia from Minneapolis inspired the would'be “Texas Terror” killers, who were gunned down in Garland, Texas Sunday night by a sharp'shooting law enforcement officer before they could carry out their mass'murder plot at an art exhibit sponsored by First Amendment heroine Pamela Geller. It’s just the latest example of how and why Minneapolis—and specifically the congressional district of Muslim Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison (D'MN)21% —has become ground zero for the threat to the United States from Islamist terror groups such as ISIS and Al'Shabaab. As Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO reports: In recent months, Elton Simpson,

IRS wasted $5.6B on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits: Audit

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 13:04
Washington Times, by Stephen Dinan Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 05 26 2015 04:26:32 GMT The IRS doled out more than $5 billion in potentially bogus college aid payments under an Obama stimulus tax credit in 2012, according to a new report Tuesday from the agency’s inspector general that said the administration still doesn’t have a good handle on how to root out erroneous claims. More than 3.8 million students received more than $5.6 billion in questionable tax credits, the audit found — more than half of those never filed their tuition statement, while others were paid tax credits even though the schools they attended weren’t acceptable institutions. Still other students claimed the credit for more than

‘We Love You’: Obama Praises Letterman in Final Guest Appearance

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 13:04
Mediaite, by Josh Feldman Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 05 20 2015 04:20:17 GMT David Letterman is still making his way through the long goodbye until his final show on May 20th, with pretty much every single guest of his praising him and wishing him well. But tonight, Letterman’s guest is President Obama, and in a preview clip released by CBS, Letterman gets some rather high praise from the Commander'in'Chief. “Knowing you’ve been there to give us a little bit of joy,” Obama says, “a little bit of laughter. It has meant so much and you’re part of all of us. You’ve given us a great gift, and we love you.” First Lady Michelle Obama was

Members of an isolated tribe attack villager in Peru

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 12:44
The Week, by Catherine Garcia Posted By: PageTurner- Tue, 05 05 2015 04:05:53 GMT In Peru, a man was shot with an arrow by members of the reclusive Mashco Piro tribe as they swept into his village in the middle of the rainforest. The incident took place in Shipetiari, and it was the third time people from the tribe have been seen this year, the BBC reports. Anthropologists believe they were looking for food or tools, but they are not sure why they attacked the man, who was killed. There are about 600 Mashco Piro, who live in separate groups and are always on the move. Sometimes, they set up shelters along rivers and

Django Unchained actress who accused LAPD of racially profiling her as a prostitute for ´having public sex´ ordered to apologize to police officers

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 12:44
Daily Mail [UK] & Associated Press, by Kelly McLaughlin Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 05 05 2015 04:05:06 GMT Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts was ordered to apologize to officers after she who accused Los Angeles police of racial profiling after she was arrested on public sex charges. Police were investigating a report that she was having sex with her boyfriend, Brian Lucas, in a parked car when she accused them of racial profiling. Watts pleaded no contest Monday to disturbing the peace with loudness and was ordered to write an apology to three police officers and the occupants of a building near where she was briefly detained last year. The pair was later charged with lewd conduct, but

IRS Seizes Over $100,000 From Innocent Small Business Owner, Despite Promise To End Raids

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 12:28
Forbes, by Nick Sibilla Posted By: PageTurner- Tue, 05 37 2015 03:37:20 GMT Wielding a banking law intended to thwart drug trafficking and money laundering, the IRS has a new target in its sights: a rural convenience store that sells catfish sandwiches. Lyndon McLellan lost over $107,000 in an IRS raid after the agency seized the bank account belonging to his small business, L&M Convenience Mart in Fairmont, North Carolina. “It took me 13 years to save that much money and it took fewer than 13 seconds for the government to take it away,” he said. Like thousands of other victims of civil forfeiture, the government never charged Lyndon with a crime. Now, with help