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Is President Obama a GOP Mole?

5 hours 29 min ago
American Spectator, by David Catron Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 24 2014 10:24:24 GMT When President Obama took office in 2009, his party was in better shape than it had been since the era following Watergate. The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress by very comfortable margins. They had just regained the White House in a historic election. They believed they would control Washington for decades, if not generations, to come. Yet fewer than six years later, their congressional majorities have been annihilated and their prospects for retaining the presidency in 2016 are far less promising than they were just a month ago. Virtually all this devastation has been caused by Obama himself. Even worse,

Rise of the Rust Belt Republicans

5 hours 29 min ago
Politico, by James Hohmann & Jake Sherman Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 22 2014 10:22:56 GMT BOCA RATON, Fla. — Gov. Scott Walker, a rabid Wisconsin Badgers fan, likes to razz Gov. John Kasich about his Ohio State Buckeyes. “We’re hoping to be against each other in the Big 10 championship in a couple weeks,” he said during a panel discussion at the Republican Governors Association meeting here this week. Story Continued Below Forget football. A real battle of Midwest heavyweights might be looming next year in the Republican Party between Walker, Kasich, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. The four heartland governors are all considering bids for the GOP presidential nomination, looking to run as

Court: Judge hasn´t agreed to release Ferguson grand jury evidence if no indictment

5 hours 29 min ago
St. Louis Post'Dispatch [MO], by Joel Currier Posted By: MissMolly- Mon, 24 05 2014 10:05:36 GMT ST. LOUIS COUNTY • For months, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch has promised to seek a court order immediately releasing nearly all evidence before the grand jury in the Michael Brown shooting case if Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted. And he has said that the judge overseeing the grand jury, St. Louis County Circuit Judge Carolyn Whittington, already has agreed to order such release if requested. But, with the grand jury’s decision expected this week, the county court’s top administrator on Sunday said no such agreement exists. He said Whittington has not agreed that she will release

Keep Sessions as Budget Chairman

5 hours 29 min ago
National Review Online, by Editors Posted By: MissMolly- Mon, 24 57 2014 09:57:13 GMT One of the best advocates Republicans and conservatives have had on Capitol Hill for years has been Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, now the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee. It’s unfortunate that there’s a chance he will not become chairman of the Budget Committee next year. Sessions might get bumped from the chairmanship by Senator Mike Enzi. The two entered the Senate the same year, 1997, but Enzi technically holds seniority over Sessions with regard to committees, having gotten the upper hand in the drawing of lots when they entered the body. Far be it from us to question seniority,

Reports: Top Iranian Negotiator ‘Frequently Shouts’ at Kerry, Western Officials

5 hours 29 min ago
Washington Free Beacon, by Adam Kredo Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 54 2014 09:54:58 GMT VIENNA—Iran’s foreign minister and lead negotiator in nuclear talks is known to frequently scream and shout at Western diplomats, including Secretary of State John Kerry, a practice that has caused alarm among bodyguards stationed outside the negotiating room, according to a member of the Iranian diplomatic team who spoke to the Farsi'language press. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif—who is scheduled to hold one'on'one talks with Kerry this evening in Vienna—”frequently shouts at Western diplomats” in such a forceful manner that bodyguards have hurriedly entered the negotiation room on occasion worried that an incident might occur, according to one Iranian diplomat involved

Employee at U.S. Embassy in Yemen may have issued fake visas for people to enter the states: court document

5 hours 29 min ago
New York Daily News, by John Marzulli Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 50 2014 09:50:55 GMT The feds have uncovered a breach of security inside the U.S. Embassy in Yemen that led to bogus visas being issued, the Daily News has learned. A corrupt Yemeni national working in the embassy may have provided more than 50 sham visas to persons who falsely claimed they needed to travel to the U.S. to attend an oil industry conference in Texas, papers unsealed in Brooklyn Federal Court state. Yemen is a hotbed of Islamic extremism. Department of Homeland Security officials got a tip in August and zeroed in on an employee who submitted paperwork for Yemeni citizens who purported

King Obama betters the tyranny of King George

5 hours 29 min ago
Washington Times, by Bruce Fein Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 46 2014 09:46:35 GMT How the times have changed for the worse! As the Revolutionary War came to a close, King George III asked American'born painter Benjamin West about George Washington’s plans after winning independence. West replied, “They say he will return to his farm.” “If he does that,” said the king, “he will be the greatest man in the world.” He did. And he was — through the influence of example without a standing army. Jump forward 240 years. President Barack Obama currently exercises more unchecked, tyrannical power than King George III, whose tyrannies provoked the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War won by General Washington. Mr. Obama has

Why Cosby spells the end of the pop culture role model

5 hours 29 min ago
New York Post, by Naomi Schaefer Riley Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 42 2014 09:42:02 GMT If you didn’t know that before this week, the news that Bill Cosby is an alleged serial rapist should finally put to rest the notion that we can expect celebrities to be good influences on our children. If you can’t even depend on “America’s dad,” then there’s no public figure you can trust. That doesn’t mean you and your kids can’t watch “The Cosby Show” in reruns. TV Land may have cancelled them, but don’t feel guilty about ordering them on Amazon. With all of the bad reality TV and unfunny, inappropriate comedies on primetime television these days, “Cosby” stands

Rudy Giuliani: Forget About Mike Brown, Let´s Talk About Black'on'Black Crime

5 hours 29 min ago
New York Magazine, by Caroline Bankoff Posted By: Pluperfect- Mon, 24 36 2014 09:36:31 GMT Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani — who once released the juvenile arrest record of Patrick Dorismond, a unarmed black man shot to death by an undercover NYPD officer, in order to prove that the victim was "no altar boy," when Dorismond had, in fact, been an altar boy — really wishes that everyone would stop thinking so much about Mike Brown. In a Sunday morning Meet the Press appearance, Giuliani responded to a question about disproportionately white police forces like the one in Ferguson, where most of the community is black and almost all of the cops are

Why Is the Ferguson Grand Jury Taking So Long?

5 hours 54 min ago
PJ Media, by Rick Moran Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 31 2014 09:31:29 GMT Grand jury deliberations are as secretive as the conclave of cardinals who elect the pope. Unlike trial juries, which can be sequestered, grand juries live and work in the community, meeting several times a month to hear witnesses and weigh evidence. They are fully aware of the situation in their communities and what’s at stake with their decision. You can imagine the pressure on the Ferguson grand jury as they are exposed to threats of violence from thugs, as well as pleas for “justice” from more peaceful advocates. And while there may, indeed, be an intimidation factor from those who threaten

For Democrats, Hillary Clinton just has to say ‘Go.’ For voters, she’ll have to say much more.

5 hours 54 min ago
Washington Post, by Dan Balz Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 26 2014 09:26:31 GMT NEW YORK — It was all Hillary Clinton, all day, Friday in New York, a day that helped crystallize how much already has been done for the prospective presidential candidate by others and, more importantly, what she has yet to do for herself. The events included a day'long session for the donors to Ready for Hillary, the political action committee founded in early 2013 to help encourage Clinton to run for president. She did not appear at the event, but many of the Clinton clique were there. In the evening, it was the former secretary of state herself in the limelight

Why D.C. Will Always Love Marion Barry

6 hours 19 min ago
Buzzfeed, by Adam Serwer Posted By: Pluperfect- Mon, 24 21 2014 09:21:10 GMT To most people outside Washington, D.C., and to many living there now, former Mayor Marion Barry’s political appeal remains a mystery. To them, he is a national embarrassment, the big'city mayor who ran America’s glittering national capital into the ground, the guy who was dumb enough to get caught on tape smoking crack while still in office. Much of the city Barry led for four terms is mourning his death Sunday morning. The former mayor suffered from ailing health for years. In the autumn of his life, he seemed given to one embarrassing controversy after another, from his baffling opposition to

Why TV anchors met secretly with Ferguson officer who shot Michael Brown

6 hours 19 min ago
CNN, by Brian Stelter Posted By: Pluperfect- Mon, 24 15 2014 09:15:18 GMT NEW YORK' Practically every journalist covering the death of Michael Brown would like to interview Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Brown. In the pursuit of that interview, several high'profile television anchors have secretly met with Wilson, according to sources at several TV networks. All of the meetings were off the record, meaning the anchors could not describe what was said. These meetings are a normal part of the TV guest booking process, but they´re significant in this case because Wilson has not been seen in public since Brown´s death in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9. Among the anchors who have

Bay of Pigs Vet, Families Seek Billions From Cuba

6 hours 19 min ago
Associated Press, by Curt Anderson Posted By: Pluperfect- Mon, 24 12 2014 09:12:06 GMT Since the day in 1959 that Cuban government agents blackmailed his father into committing suicide, Gustavo Villoldo has been on an anti'Castro mission that included co'piloting a B'26 bomber during the ill'fated 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, infiltrating Cuba for the CIA numerous times and tracking down Fidel Castro lieutenant Ernesto "Che" Guevara in Bolivia in 1967. Now, at age 78, Villoldo is fresh off another clash with the Cuban government, this time with a tentative success: He and family members of other two men ? American Bobby Fuller and Cuban Aldo Vera ? each won separate lawsuits in Florida seeking

Obama: ´There´s no way to say race relations are worse´

6 hours 44 min ago
Washington Examiner (DC), by David M. Drucker Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 24 26 2014 08:26:49 GMT President Obama said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that race relations in the U.S. are demonstrably better than they were even 10 years ago. Discussing the shooting of an unarmed African'American teenager in Ferguson, Mo., on ABC News’ “This Week,” Obama conceded that there are still issues to be worked out, including a deep mistrust of law enforcement in minority communities that the federal government has a role in addressing. In part, Obama said, this is because race'related issues get more attention than they did years ago. But the nation’s first African'American president said that the U.S. has come a

Ferguson needs facts, not passions

6 hours 44 min ago
USA Today, by Jonathan Turley Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 24 22 2014 08:22:12 GMT In anticipation of the decision on whether to indict officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown, the town of Ferguson, Mo., is a virtual armed camp. Schools are closed. The National Guard was called out when the governor declared a state of emergency. The emergency? A grand jury announcement. While most protesters have engaged in legitimate and lawful speech, others used the shooting of the black teenager by a white police officer as justification to loot the town. State and federal forces are assembling in Ferguson in expectation that some protesters will riot unless there is a criminal charge.

Tower Bridge glass walkway ´smashed´ by night'time visitor dropping bottle of beer

7 hours 32 min ago
Independent [UK], by Adam Withnall Posted By: ketchuplover- Mon, 24 18 2014 06:18:09 GMT Less than two weeks after the opening of a vertigo'inducing glass walkway almost 140 feet (42 metres) above the River Thames, a stiletto and dropped beer bottle are threatening to shatter public confidence in the new Tower Bridge attraction. The walkway consists of six huge glass panels each weighing more than half a tonne, providing a new view across London, onto the traffic below and – if you’re lucky – the opening of the bridge itself. But as if stepping over a see'through floor that high up wasn’t scary enough, one of the panes cracked on Friday night when a visitor dropped

The Next Gold Rush

7 hours 32 min ago
PJ Media, by Richard Fernandez Posted By: Hazymac- Mon, 24 59 2014 04:59:41 GMT While most space headlines have focused on Tourism or the major probes to the planets, a potentially significant issue was making its way unnoticed underneath the fold. Wall Street OTC says reports on the formation of three asteroid mining organizations: “The Asteroid Mining Company” (aka Planetary Resources), Deep Space Industries (DSI), and NASA.” In fact, the ill'fated Ares spacecraft which blew up at Wallops Island carried the Arkyd 3, “a space'testing platform dedicated to test Planetary Resources’ telescope systems for further space exploration.” It was in short, a prospecting device. “Planetary Resources plans to rebuild and re'launch Arkyd 3 in

Obama Greeted In Vegas With Chants of ´Worst President Ever´

8 hours 22 min ago
Truth Revolt, by Yehuda Remer Posted By: ketchuplover- Mon, 24 17 2014 04:17:02 GMT Obama arrived in Las Vegas on Friday to sell amnesty to the American people, but was met by outside protesters who were not so thrilled with the country´s current leader. According to Lesley Clark, a White House correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers Washington bureau, the president arrived to a crowd of people chanting, “Worst president ever, Obama!” (Snip for Twitter Inset) She also wrote there were signs that read “Impeach Obama,” and “No Amnesty.” But the president was unfazed. He stayed overnight not far from the Sunset Strip and headed off to play golf at one of the most exclusive golf clubs

National Latino Education Institute empowers students

8 hours 48 min ago
Chicago Tribune (IL), by Dana Ferguson Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 24 59 2014 03:59:12 GMT Margoth Reyes said she knew from an early age that she wanted to help people, especially those near where she grew up in the Heart of Chicago neighborhood. The Texas native, 31, said she struggled as a child but always wanted a better future than what she saw around her. "I´m not out on the streets, I´m not a drug dealer or a gangbanger or anything," Reyes said. "I never wanted that. I´ve seen other people and I said, ´That´s never going to be me.´" Now a student at the National Latino Education Institute, Reyes said she is a positive